Walk California's mission is to faciliate the goal of walking with people, rather than alone. The site only succeeds when members like yourself take the initiative to proactively set up walks on the group calendar.

If you are waiting for a trip planner to fill your weekend, you are better off joining an activity group where such a concierge service is provided. If you are looking for a no cost, social experience that includes diversity, exercise, and adventure, check out Walk California.


At Walk California, we strive to make it as easy as possible for people from the local community to meet and walk with folks with similar interests. To this end, we have set up a website to that enables members to easily organize and join in on a diverse range of exciting walks and hikes.

We are all in this together! Walk California activities are led by members just like you – you are empowered and invited to lead walks and hikes.

Becoming a member. Congratulations – you have made it this far! Now that you have made it to our home page, it is time to create a free account by entering your email address in the space provided on the home page and clicking "Sign Up".

Participating on Walks. Once you a part of Walk California, it is time to meet your fellow members. Keep in mind that you can sign up for and/or host as many walks/hikes as you like.

1. Check out the calendar page and find a walk you are interested in participating in.
2. Show up at the start place on the correct day and time!
3. What could be easier?

Hosting Walks. Though not required, we encourage all our members to host walks & hikes. Member-led activities are one of the keys to the organization’s success. So if you have an idea for a walk, give it a try:

1. Familiarize yourself with the article, “How to Successfully Plan a Walk”, located in our Resources section.
2. Go to the Calendar page and fill out the simple form including such information as the date, time, and description of your hike or walk. After clicking on the “Submit” button, your event will be automatically posted on our Calendar.
3. Members that sign up to be reminded about your event will receive automatic reminders when they log in to the website.

A bit of planning and organization is all it takes to lead a successful walk; it's a great way to stay in shape while connecting with your community!

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